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Director's Report for January 2012

This month marks the 39th anniversary of the legalization of abortion. Culture of Life Family Services works to reverse the evil slaughter of innocent lives by touching the hearts of mothers and fathers in crisis pregnancies. One patient at a time.

Groups that lobby to change the law serve an important purpose in our fight, but working on the front line, in conjunction with determined and brave sidewalk counselors, can immediately save a potential victim from becoming a statistic of legislation gone awry.

Reading Nadia’s story on the front page gives us insight into the life of a pregnant teenager. How easy it would have been for her to continue through that abortion clinic door to “fix” her problem in a few short minutes. How hard the fall out would have affected her and her boyfriend for the rest of their lives. The picture of Nadia’s smiling baby, Andre, puts a face on Roe v. Wade. Unfortunately, we can’t glimpse the sweet faces of the over 50,000,000 children who have been killed since the law was passed. Each with his or her own unique features and future.

At COLFS, we resolve to give real solutions to tough decisions that parents in crisis pregnancy must face. January 22, 2012, is just one day in the struggle to give abortion-intent women options that bring peace and joy to their lives. Everyday of the year, our crisis pregnancy counselor is there to take the calls of those desperate for assistance.

My resolution for 2012 is to make COLFS known to more women in need of our life-affirming services. Will you help me?

Scott Maxwell